Supported Living

Supported Living for Learning Disability and Autism

We appreciate that in promoting the well-being of our clients, it is important to provide a consistent service. We recognise that this can only be achieved if we have a motivated and dedicated workforce. Therefore, our niche is to attract, train and retain high quality staff by providing an in-house training facility that enables us to conduct mandatory training to keep both our qualified and care staff up to date with current professional practices. Our line managers are charged with supporting their staff on an ongoing basis by providing them the opportunity to shadow more experienced staff during the period of work experience.

Your Health

  • We will help you to attend Health Care Appointments
  • We will work together with people who know you well, so that you feel supported in all aspects of your life
  • We will always support you with Dignity and respect, offering choice and seeking permission always
  • We are professional ensuring your wellbeing and happiness is paramount.

Your Support

  • We help to identify your interests and support you to do things you enjoy; this could be on your own or with others
  • You can be involved with choosing a home that is right for you, maintain a tenancy and improve your independence
  • We will help you to manage your money, learn new skills and strengthen the ones you have
  • We will work with you to create nutritious and tasty meals, developing skills for a life of independence

Your Voice

  • Our management team will meet with you to ensure you are happy and outcomes are being achieved
  • You can design your support with people who know you to see what’s working well and what can be done differently
  • We will work with you and ensure you are at the centre of everything we do
  • We will support you to plan for your future wishes as you and your family get older

Your Life

  • Our staff team are professional, positive, happy and fun to be around
  • We will monitor all we do to make sure you can maximise your potential, live a fulfilled and happy life
  • We will support you to maintain your personal care in the way that you like in a comfortable setting
  • We help you make your own decisions and have a say if you are not happy and support you to make own decisions

Your Safety

  • We will ensure that staff know your needs and have the right training to be able to support you in the way you prefer
  • Our staff will follow what the law tells us we must do, so that you can feel safe and confident in us
  • Our staff have regular supervision and team meetings to ensure everyone is moving in the right direction
  • We ensure our management team deal with any issues in a timely manner
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