Recruitment Process & Registration Requirements

At Passion Care we require original copies of the following qualifications; Manual Handling training (within 12 months), CPR, Basic Life Support or First Aid Certificate (within 12 months),NVQ level 2 (for care staff), NVQ 3 (for senior staff), Statement of Entry (for trained staff), PIN card (for trained staff, verified by the NMC website).

We require each candidate to fulfil the following criteria in our interview, to show competence of knowledge and experience relating to their specialty, also to demonstrate previous work experience, to display efficient communication skills, to acknowledge their strengths and areas for development. All staff are required to be immunised; we require certified, traceable proof of the following vaccinations;

  • Hepatitis B Antigen (within 5 years)
  • Hepatitis B Antigen (must be >100 titre level)
  • TB or BCG scar verification (BCG must be checked by Occupational Health Nurse)
  • Varicella
  • Rubella
  • Measles and Mumps
  • Hepatitis C (for EPP staff)
  • HIV Test Results (for EPP staff)

Equal Opportunities

Passion Care Staffing  is committed to achieving a working environment which provides equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, sex, class, sexual orientation, age, disability or special needs. The organisation is also committed to building a workforce that is diverse and reflects the community around us.

Passion Care Staffing  is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all and requires all employees to abide by and adhere to this general principle and its requirements. Discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion, class, disability, special needs, on the grounds of sex or marital status or membership or non- membership of a trade union will not be practised or tolerated, Passion Care expects all employees, of whatever grade or authority, to abide by and adhere to this general principle.

In order to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, employments decisions at Passion Care Staffing  will be based on merit, qualifications and abilities. Any breach of this policy should be reported to the manager or to a senior member of Passion Care staff. Breaches will be dealt with through Passion  Care’s disciplinary procedures.

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